Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 32 - Lodz

Hey all!

     Hope things are going well.  They are going well over here.  This week was pretty solid.  We had district meeting on Wednesday, and President Turek came to that.  That was really good.  Being around President is awesome.  We also had interviews with him that day.  We also got a new investigator this week.  He's a young adult, and we had our first lesson with him on Friday.  The lesson went okay, and at the end, he committed to baptism!  So we're super excited for him.  September 2nd is the date we are working towards, and we are looking forward to help him work toward that.  Also, back in Kraków (my first area) Elder Ashworth and his comp helped set a baptismal date for a really promising guy we started teaching when I was there.  So his date is August 26th.  Super excited to see all of the success our mission is seeing recently.  We'll look to make it improve even more.  In my studies this week, I continued in both the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon.  In the Book of Mormon, I was reading in Alma, and I found an interesting verse in Alma 28.  It's verse 10, which talks about the sons of Mosiah and those that went with them, and their experiences:

And this is the account of Ammon and his brethren, their journeyings in the land of Nephi, their sufferings in the land, their sorrows, and their afflictions, and their incomprehensible joy, and the reception and safety of the brethren in the land of Jershon. And now may the Lord, the Redeemer of all men, bless their souls forever.

I thought that was really interesting how it lists those experiences they had: sufferings, sorrows, afflictions, and 'incomprehensible joy'.  It's like Mormon was linking those altogether.  In our lives, we all seek joy.  Even if we are in the midst of great suffering, we can come to taste the joy we all seek.  What an amazing truth to know!  Well, I love you all, and have a great week!

-Elder Hadfield

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