Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 69 - Szczecin

Hello everyone!
This week was a really good week.  We did a lot of contacting this week, and that was pretty good.  We didn't get any potentials from that this week, but we're going to spend more time on that this upcoming week and we feel good about it, we'll see what happens.  We also had exchanges this week in Gdańsk, and those went well.  We did a lot of contacting there as well, and we saw some good things happens with that, we found some potentials for them.  I got a chance to work for a few hours with Elder Wójcik, who was my companion in the MTC, and that was pretty fun.  It was cool looking back at the MTC and realizing how much progress we've made since then.  So this week, I've been working on my goal of listening to at least one talk from this past general conference a day, and it's going pretty well.  So far, one of my favorite talks is the one by Elder Godoy of the Seventy.  His talk is titled "One More Day", and it's really good.  He talks about being grateful each day to have one more day and always remember Christ's sacrifice for us.  He talks about how sacrifice brings blessings and sanctifies what we sacrifice for.  It's a really good talk, I recommend it.  I know that as we are thankful for each and every day and strive to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ, through personal sacrifice, we are strengthened and come to know more about Him.  As we come to know Him and strive to understand His atoning sacrifice, we are blessed with that peace and joy that only Christ can provide.  Have a good week everyone!
-Elder Hadfield

Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 68 - Szczecin

Hello everyone!

    This week was a good one.  It was another quick one, as I feel they all are.  We've been focusing lately on getting our potentials to transition into investigators, and we'll have to work on that this week.  It's been difficult getting in contact with them, but we'll keep trying. 
We'll also be working hard out on the streets this week looking for some fresh potentials, hopefully we can find some promising people this week.  This week we'll also be in Gdańsk on exchanges with the zone leaders, and those should be fun.  I always look forward to those, excited to work with the zone leaders and learn from them.  But yea. 
This past week, we had a cool experience.  There's a less-active, J., who lives in a city about 2.5 hours away from Szczecin called Gorzów, and the branch president asked us if we could visit him.  So we did that on Thursday, and it was a really good experience.  We talked with him and he shared with us his conversion story and his life in the church, and it was really cool.  He was baptized about 20 years ago when there were missionaries in that city, but there haven't been any missionaries there in a long time now.  He currently has some financial and medical challenges that make it pretty difficult for him to come to church, but he's still pretty faithful.  He said that the church has changed his life, and he raved about the missionaries he's been able to meet with over the past 20 years. It was cool to see the large impact those missionaries had on him, even though they probably don't realize it.  Even if we feel like we are nothing special or if we feel unsuccessful, we really do leave an impact on other people, and those people will remember us forever.  It's amazing being able to learn that on my mission and see that in the lives of people I meet. 
Well, we're looking forward to this week, hoping it's good.  We'll work hard and see if we can get some things going here in Szczecin.  I hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Hadfield

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Week 67 - Szczecin

Hello everyone!

     What a week it has been.  It started off really solid with zone conference in Poznań, and that was great.  President Turek spoke about love and loving the people we serve here on the mission.  We also learned from each other about different chapters of PMG, and it was a really good conference.  I translated for that into English for the new missionaries and senior couples, so I wasn't able to take many notes, but what I remember was really solid. 
          With P, it's a really interesting situation.  He knows just so much about the Book of Mormon.  They've attended church a couple of times in the past, which is how they know the branch president, and President Trukszyn asked us to help them out because they both have medical things right now.  So we've been going to their apartment and helping them out with things often.  We helped P get to a doctor's appointment today, and we sat in the lobby waiting talking about the Book of Mormon.  He's read the Book of Mormon at least 10 times in different languages, and he was talking today about Peter Whitmer and Martin Harris and Oliver Cowdery and about Joseph Smith and all this stuff.  He know more things about some of them than I do.  He's such an intelligent guy and he's a pretty normal person.  Super cool.  Not sure how to teach them, but we'll continue to serve them and try to love them into the church.  We talked briefly about conference, and he said he would like to come in 6 months when we have it again.  I told him that we could also bring him a copy of the Liahona with the talks for him, and I think he'll enjoy that.  They are such good people, hoping as we keep serving them, we'll see them open up even more.  We'll see how things go this week.  On Thursday, we will be in a city called Gorzów visiting a member, and we're hoping that goes well.  It'll hopefully be a good week. 
          The week ended off on a great note with general conference.  What a conference it was. General conference as a missionary just feels like Christmas.  It's a great reminder that there's more than just a handful of church members in the world.  We watched the Saturday morning and Sunday morning sessions live, and the others we watched the day after, but we have been able to watch all of them. It was a great conference, and I'm excited to review the talks over the next 6 months. 
          It's a testament to me that "[the Lord] will hasten [his] work in its time" (D&C 88:73)  How blessed we are to be led by continuing revelation from God to guide the affairs of His kingdom on the earth.  I really enjoyed the other themes of personal revelation and temple attendance.  When we strive to make time for the temple, we make time for the spirit to impact our lives.  As we strive to be worthy of the spirit and really sincerely pour out our heart to God through prayer, we receive answers and inspired direction in our different walks of life. 
          I've set a goal to listen to a general conference talk every day up to next conference to follow President Nelson's invitation to frequently and repetitively study the talks, and I'm excited to see what I can continue to learn and the improvement that will make in my life.  The Lord really is hastening His work, what a blessing we all have to be a part of that hastening.  May we each hasten our own individual work as we strive to follow the Savior and emulate Him.  Have a legendary week! 
-Elder Hadfield

Monday, March 26, 2018

Week 66 - Szczecin

Hey there everyone!

     Life is good over here in Szczecin.  The week was another quick one.  We did some tracting this week and found a couple of potentials.  We'll visit them again this week, hopefully all goes well.   We met with a less-active guy, J., and he's super cool.  He's in Szczecin until July, and then he's moving back to Warsaw for a bit.  So we'll see if we can do anything with him before then.  Our potential named Al. is going back to Belarus for a few weeks to be with family, so we'll have to wait a bit before we can formally meet with him again.  But yea.  This week will be good.  We have zone conference in Poznań tomorrow, and that should be good.  We are also going out to Barlinek to teach our investigator, Ad., and that should be good.  We'll see how it goes.  Also looking forward to conference and Easter this week.  Those will be awesome.  We've been working with the Easter campaign here in Europe this year, #AlwaysThere, and that's been going well.  This past week specifically, I've studied a lot about the last few days of Christ's mortal ministry, and it's been a really uplifting experience.  One of my favorite scriptures I have read during these studies has been in Isaiah chapter 53:
3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief[...]
4 ¶ Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows[...]
5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.
How blessed are we that the Savior, the perfect Son of God, suffered for our imperfections so that we can overcome them.  I'm thankful to Him for His selflessness and His love for us.  Through Christ, we can overcome sin and death, and "with his stripes we are healed".  Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Hadfield

Monday, March 19, 2018

Week 65 - Szczecin

Hello everyone!

     How are things going for you all?  Things are going well for me.  This week was another good one.  It was also quick, that's for sure.  On Wednesday, we went out to a small city named Stargard, about 45 minutes away from Szczecin.  We went there to help a member shovel a pile of coal into their storage unit, and it was good to be able to help them.  
We also got a new investigator on Saturday, which was solid.  His name is A., and he lives in a city named Barlinek, about 2 hours away from Szczecin.  We visited him and talked about prayer, and we're hoping that we can help him make progress and come closer to Christ.  We are in contact with him over the phone, and we're planning on going back out there to meet with him next Wednesday the 28th, so we'll see how that goes.  
Outside of that, we have a couple of potentials, one of which we are meeting with tomorrow, and we're hoping that goes well.  It should be another good week.  
I have a talk in church next Sunday, which happens often enough since we don't have too many members here.  The topic will be 'Jesus Christ - The Perfect Example'.  I'm excited for it, it's a fitting topic with Easter coming up soon. I've started preparing for that talk, and I've enjoyed the opportunity it's given me to focus on and learn more about His life and example.  As the Bible Dictionary says about Christ, "He is the greatest Being to be born on this earth—the perfect example", and I know that as we follow Him and strive to become more like Him, we will be guided and we can achieve happiness as we feel His love for us.  Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Hadfield

Monday, March 12, 2018

Week 64 - Szczecin

Map from Kolobrzeg, Poland to Szczecin, Poland
Hello everyone!
     This week was a fast one.  We were pretty busy.  On Tuesday, we had quite a few meetings, including district meeting, some meeting with all of the other mission leaders through skype about the new Easter initiative, and our English class, and it was a good day.  Wednesday, Elder Lange and I got a train out to a city called Kołobrzeg to visit some referrals.  We delivered a Book of Mormon to one of them, so we got that in.  Kołobrzeg is also right along the Baltic Sea, so we briefly stopped by there before our train back.  That was pretty sick.  
On Thursday and Friday, we were in Gdańsk with the zone leaders.  Those went pretty well, the zone leaders are hard workers.  We did quite a bit of contacting, and that was good.  Elder Lange and I are going to try out contacting more, and we'll see how it goes.  On Friday evening, we also got our transfer calls for this next transfer.  Elder Lange and I found out that we will be staying together for his final transfer.  We're pretty excited for that, it should be a good transfer.  But yea, outside of that, we're working hard, looking to see some good success this next week, and we're gonna kick off this transfer with a bang.  Hope everything is going well for you all, have a solid week!

-Elder Hadfield

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 63 - Szczecin

Hello all!

This week was pretty good. It was a fast one as usual. We had a meeting with K. and J. this week, and we talked about the Restoration with them. It went alright, but they still haven't came to church. We're gonna see if we can help them do that here pretty soon. We also have been teaching English to A., a potential, and he was in church for the third time yesterday. He believes all roads lead to God, but he likes what we have and we're hoping he keeps coming to church and that he can keep feeling the Spirit there.
This week should be a busy one. On Wednesday, Elder Lange and I are going out to a city called Kołobrzeg to visit a couple referrals, and we're hoping that goes well. Then on hursday and Friday, we'll be in Gdańsk on exchanges with the zone leaders. This Saturday, we'll also get our transfer calls, and then we have transfers next Monday. Pretty insane that another transfer is ending already. Seeing as I've only spent one transfer here in Szczecin, I'm thinking I'll stay, which I would be down for, but we'll see.
We're sure it'll be another good week though, we're looking forward to it and excited to see the work move forward. Hope everything is going well for you all, it's going well over here and I'm loving life. Have a good week!

-Elder Hadfield