Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 20 - Krakow

Hello all!
     How are things going?  Hope they are going well.  This week was a good one.  We had some lessons with our recent converts, and they went well.  It's great to see them progress.  We did a lot of finding for our English class as well this week.  So far, that seems to be what is working best here.  We teach English class on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 6:30 for an hour, then we'll have a spiritual thought afterwards where we will read out of the Book of Mormon or teach a lesson about church, and those go really well.  We are seeing more and more people come to those.  So it's good.  We also got to skype yesterday for Mother's Day, and that was fun.  Good to talk to my family again.  This week we have a couple more lessons set up, and we'll be looking to have some success in those lessons.  So it should be another good week.  This week, in the Book of Mormon I read in Mormon and Ether.  I've been studying a lot recently about the Book of Mormon and it's role in the church, and I really like Mormon 5:14-15.  

14 And behold, they shall go unto the unbelieving of the Jews; and for this intent shall they go—that they may be persuaded that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God; that the Father may bring about, through his most Beloved, his great and eternal purpose[...]  (with his purpose being shown to us in Moses 1:39)

15 And also that the seed of this people may more fully believe his gospel, which shall go forth unto them from the Gentiles[...]

The Book of Mormon is given to us so that we can become closer to Christ and learn of Him.  This we do as we "press [our] way forward, continually holding fast to the rod of iron", as is shown in Lehi's dream.  (1 Ne 8:30).  I have been able to learn so much about the Book of Mormon during my time as a full-time missionary, and I've been able to learn so much about myself and progress in more ways than I could every imagine.  I am thankful for this time I have to dedicate myself to the work of God's kingdom here on the earth.  I love you all, and have a legendary week!

-Elder Hadfield
Happy Mother's Day!!

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