Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 6 - Krakow

Hello y'all!

How's it going?  Hope everything is going well.  This week was good. 

We're still working with the investigators we have right now to get them ready.  K is still progressing, and we have yet to get her parent's permission, so we will continue working hard with her and hoping for the best.  We weren't able to have a lesson with A this week because she was busy most of the week, so we plan on teaching her this week and we'll see how that goes.  

Yesterday, T was confirmed.  That was super cool.  She said afterwards that she felt the spirit really strong and just felt at peace during and after the confirmation.  So that was really awesome. It's good to know my language skills didn't block any of that from happening.  I don't really remember a lot about what I said.  It was a super cool experience though.  I never would have imagined confirming someone my first transfer in the field.  So yea it was awesome.  She's taking everything about the church very seriously and she's going to be an awesome member.  It's been super cool to see her progress. Hopefully, I’ll be able to send a picture soon.

That's all of the investigators we have for right now.  It's tricky finding new investigators here in Poland, but we are working hard to look for those who are ready. 

I'll tell you a little about the events of the week.  
Sunday is obviously church, and we have Dalton dinner.  
Monday is P-day and we also have FHE with the branch at the chapel, and that's cool.  
Tuesday we have district meeting in the morning and in the evening we have English class which is usually good.  
Wednesday we have service, and we go to this old person home and move a bunch of boxes and appliances and stuff for them.  It's pretty good.  Afterward we along with the other elders, Elder White and Elder Liechty, go to KFC.  We go there a lot.  It's delicious.  In the evening we have a Polish class with someone named M.  She teaches well and it's nice.  She's a non-member, and hopefully she decides she's interested sometime.  
Thursday we have English class again, 
Friday we have weekly planning,
Saturday we clean the chapel. 

In between all of that, we are usually doing English finding activities because that's the way we are seeing the most success is in our English class.  We've been asked to do Family History finds, but those kind of suck because absolutely no one is interested.  We'll keep doing it and seeing what happens.  We also do a little tracting and that's fun.  

We are working hard here and having a lot of fun.  Hope you all are too.  Well that's about it for this week.  Have a legendary week!
Elder Hadfield 

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