Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Arrival in Krakow

A random Missionary Mom called out to this group as she left the Salt Lake International Airport and asked "Where are you going?" They replied "Poland!" She said, "Smile and wave for your momma's!" And they did! :)


Dear parents of our newly arrived missionaries,

We are very happy to have you sons and daughter in our mission! Let me tell you quickly what they have been doing so far: After we had picked them up from the airport yesterday, there was some legal paperwork to do in the mission office, they had a finding activity with the assistants and some other missionaries, interviews with President Turek, dinner in the mission home, and after a short introduction and testimony  meeting everybody was happy to go to bed early (the jetlag is hard). This morning, we had the trainer and trainee meeting and now your children are already in their first proselyting areas:

Sister Hammond in Szczecin, Elder Erickson in Warsaw, Elder Dossett in Łódż, Elder Hadfield in Kraków and Elder Wójcik in Katowice.

They are very excited to serve in Poland and so are we. We have felt their strong testimonies and know they will be great instruments in the Lord's hands to help the church in Poland grow. Thank you for your support for your children!

Sister and President Turek
Starszy Wojcik, Starszy Hadfield,Siostra Hammond, Starszy Dossett, and Starszy Erickson

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